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Paris Question & Answers. We know that planning a trip to Paris can sometimes get a little confusing. After all, there's a lot to the City of Lights. There's a lot to see, for instance – where do you start? There's a lot to do – how do you choose? There are a ton of restaurants, concerts, parks and museums. It is a lot, isn't it?

Notre Dame at night, photo by Mark Craft

You can find the answers to most of those questions right here at Paris Insiders Guide's extensive website. Just use the menus or the search box. But, if you can't find what you're looking for, or if you have questions that are tough to find the answers to, then you're at the right place. We know that as you plan your trip to Paris questions can come up. We're here to help, and we love answering your questions.


The Most Popular Paris Activities

Loire Valley Chateaux & Wine Tasting, Day Trip from Paris
Visit the magical castles of the Loire Valley in a day that also features a guided tasting of the best regional wines. Includes pick-up at your Paris hotel.
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Best of Versailles. Skip the Line, with Hotel Pick-up & Lunch
This day trip from Paris gets you inside the royal estate without waiting in the long lines. Included is a 3-course traditional lunch by the Grand Canal.
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You Asked. We Answered.

Here are a few of the questions we've helped our readers with. Click on any one to read our answer.

  1. Should I book my Paris activities in advance, before I leave home?…
  2. What Paris restaurants are open on Christmas Day in the 6th & 7th?…
  3. Are soccer balls allowed in Paris parks?
  4. I'll be in Paris in December. Here's my list of the 25 things I want to see. Can I do it all in 3 days?
  5. How do everyday women dress in Paris?
  6. Can I use a Metro carnet to get to and from Charles de Gaulle airport?
  7. Can you help me plan a romantic evening in Paris?
  8. What are some good restaurants near Bastille for my girlfriend's 30th birthday celebration?…
  9. Should I drive from Paris or should I take a train?…
  10. Should I get my hair done in Paris or should I get it done at home before I leave?…
  11. What is the most reliable airport transfer service? Also, can you recommend restaurants near Hotel Monge?…
  12. We're returning to Paris for our fourth visit. We've seen at the main attractions. Do you have any ideas on unique or alternative ways to spend our time?
  13. My family and I are going to France this Christmas. I want to see Paris, Lyon & the Loire Valley in 9 days. Am I trying to do too much?
  14. Can I find a nice hotel in Saint-Germain with a terrace for around €200 per night. ?…


Visiting Versailles


  1. What are the best ways to visit the Palace of Versailles?
  2. Can you help me locate a bike rental store in Paris?
  3. What are the best tips for visiting Paris in a wheelchair?
  4. Can you recommend hotels located near Champs-Elysees?
  5. How can I see Paris like a local, not like a tourist?…
  6. What can you tell me about staying in the 13th? Is the Chinatown worth seeing?…
  7. Are there Louvre Art Museum guided tours?
  8. What are the best things we can do in Paris at Christmas with our children?
  9. What neighborhood should I stay in for my 8-day, 4-star holiday in Paris?
  10. What are the best affordable restaurants in the 8th Arrondissement?
  11. What should I wear in Paris for my April visit?…
  12. Do you have advice for visiting Paris with special needs & on a budget?
  13. How can I contact restaurant Les Ombres to find out about booking for New Years Eve?
  14. Can you help me find gluten-free crepes in Paris?
  15. Can you recommend bistros & brasseries in Paris?
  16. Can you recommend hotels for a special Christmas in Paris?
  17. What are the best things to do in Paris in November?


Seine River Dinner Cruises


  1. Can you help me decide between the Paris City Pass, the Museum Pass, and the Paris Metro Pass?
  2. What's open on Christmas day in Paris?
  3. What are the best things to do in Paris with kids?
  4. What are the best activities for a girls trip to Paris?
  5. Can you recommend some of the best dance clubs in Paris?
  6. Do you have an easy how-to-make crepes recipe to share?
  7. Can you help me plan a luxury vacation in Paris in December?
  8. Can you explain the differences between Paris neighborhoods?
  9. How can I do Paris on a budget?
  10. Where are the food shops in the 13th Arrondissement?
  11. What can I expect to see in Paris street fashion?
  12. Who books your activities in Paris?
  13. Are there accessible Metro stations?


The Most Popular Activities in the Marais

Marais Food Tour with Wine & Cheese Tastings
Walk through the historic Marais neighborhood with a food-expert guide to visit the top food & wine shops, tasting the best of Parisian food.
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Marais 3-Hour Discovery Tour
A local guide leads you on a unique urban exploration with hidden gems and fascinating tales around every corner. You'll learn why the Marais is everyone's favorite quartier.
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