Top Ten Lists – To Help Plan Your Trip & Get To Know Paris

Here at Paris Insiders Guide our goal is to help you have the best Paris trip ever… and the easiest planning experience. We're full of good ideas of what to see, where to go, what to do, but there are a few Insiders tips that don't really fit into any category.

Like, for instance, those expats living in Paris who tell you what not to do… well, they're wrong! Or, what are our top packing tips? Or, how to avoid mistakes first-time visitors make? If that's what you need to know, you're in the right place.


10 Things Expats Tell You Not to Do in Paris…

But They're Wrong !

10 Things Expats Tell You Not to Do in Paris

Expats should know a lot about Paris, they live there everyday. But you don't. If you lived there, you'd probably not go to the tourist attractions very often. But since you are a tourist you want to see those things. That's why the things that expats tell you not to do are often the very things you should do, as a visitor! See what we mean —

Secret Paris – 10 Hidden Places

Secret Paris

With over 2,000 years of history, you know Paris is bound to have a few secrets. We're all familiar with the Louvre and Jardin de Luxembourg and the Eiffel Tower, but how much do you really know about the hidden, secret artefacts and places?

Did you know about the bust of a poet by Pablo Picasso located in a small square in Saint-Germain-des-Prés? Or about the 14-meter high statue of the patron saint of Paris? Or the 17th century architectural-marvel of a fountain that barely delivered any water? We'll tell you more about secret Paris so you can do your own exploring.

10 Ways To Find The Best Paris Restaurant

And Feel Like You've Discovered It

10 Ways To Find The Best Paris Restaurant

Wouldn't you just love to figure out how to find the best Paris restaurants? You know, the ones that serve the classic french dishes and are filled with locals, not tourists? As it happens, the answer is easier than you might have thought. In fact, we're going to share 10 tested insiders tips that we think will help you find Paris restaurants so perfect for you that it will feel as if you've discovered them.


The Top 14 Paris Packing Tips

Top 14 Paris Packing Tips

We'll give you a hint — Less is More.

You're going to Paris ! Yippee ! It'll be a great trip and you'll have a great visit. But, spend a little time planning first. Before you leap into creating a massive wardrobe for Paris, and before you panic about figuring it all out, take the time to read about the 14 things you must think about.

10 Paris Planning Mistakes

10 Paris Planning Mistakes

There are some mistakes first-time travelers make that we hear about over and over. They range from not doing enough up-front planning to trying to fit too much in too few days — and not really getting a chance to enjoy simply being in Paris.

Don't worry, though. We're going to share the top ten mistakes with you so you can avoid them and have a fabulous time in The City of Light.

13 Little-Known & Hidden Places In Paris

13 Little-Known Hidden Places In Paris

Paris is dense. That is, jam-packed with history, art, shopping, food, architecture, and so much more. There are a lot of fascinating things crammed into the area surrounded by the périphéérique (the ring road that encircles the city) that is central Paris. There's an awful lot to discover, no matter if it's your first trip or your fifteenth.

To help you do something just a little bit different, we've put together a list of little-known, hidden places that most tourists will never see.


14 City of Paris Museums You Don't Want To Miss

City of Paris Museums

Did you know that some of the best Paris museums are owned by the city? Or that entrance to most of them is free? Come along on a virtual tour to discover the best cultural bargains in the City of Light.

7 Vestiges of Roman Paris You Can Still See Today

Roman Baths in Paris

The Romans ruled Gaul (France) and Paris (Lutetia) for five centuries, ending about 450 CE. During that time they did the usual Roman things — establishing a town, laying out streets in a grid pattern, creating a local forum, putting up bridges, and building baths and an amphitheater.

Though the Romans are long gone and their works have been pulled down or built over, there are still a handful of remnants from the period that can e seen today. We'll take you to seven of them.

15 Secrets of Ile de la Cité & Ile St-Louis

Secrets of Ile de la Cité

You probably know that islands in the Seine are where you find Notre Dame Cathedral and a few other sights.

But did you know that Île de la Cité is also home to one of the best flower markets in the city? Or that it's served by the oldest bridge? Did you know that there's a memorial to the deported of World War II? Or that there's a hidden crypt where you can see the oldest Roman vestiges in Paris? Didn't think so!

The Best of Paris in 2016

The Best of Paris in 2016

Every time we're in Paris we always remark that it just seems to be getting better. And 2016 was no exception. We found better, more friendly customer service. We found the airport improved with easier check-in, boarding, and arrival. We found the car rental experience pleasurable. We also discovered Burgundy wines, Sunday shopping in Paris, and a great new hotel in the 5th Arrondissement.

Our Paris Top 10 for 2015

Our Paris Top 10 for 2015

We love all those end-of-year lists, and this was ours for 2015.

We chose the top ten things in Paris that left us with great memories in 2015. There were some new discoveries as well as some old favorites. The memories we love best include some food, a museum or two, a chateaux (naturally!), even an airline… and lots and lots of champagne!


12 Great Things We Did in Paris in March 2012

12 Great Things We Did in Paris in March 2012

We remember March of 2012 with fondness. That was when a month that has started out as winter suddenly and gloriously turned to summer, virtually overnight. That's also when our book placed first among North American books at the International Gourmand Cookbook Awards (in the category French Cuisine). We recently dusted off the diary where we kept track of our wonderful month. Here are twelve of the best things we did, along with the photos we shot.

The Best of Paris – The Readers' Poll

The Best of Paris Readers' Poll

Paris is always cited as one of the top places in the world to visit, and clearly there are a lot of reasons for that.

A while ago we set out to ask Paris Insiders Guide readers what they liked best about our city. So we created Parisopoly, taking readers on a virtual trip around the city and letting them pick some of their very favourite things. Here's what they said —

10 Reasons You Should Go to Paris Now

10 Reasons You Must Go to Paris Now

Being the target of a handful of murderous louts did't make Paris any less attractive. At least in our book.

It's still the same city we love, for all the same reasons. As we learned, Paris is a very safe city with much less violence than many other places. We love the city, the culture, the food, the wine,the markets, the parks… and we don't think any of us should give up the pleasures of Paris.

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