Explore Paris at Night – Private Guided Tours & Stylish Dining

We love to explore Paris at night. It is, after all, the City of Lights. Seeing it on foot is great, but if you want to experience the whole gamut of magnificently-lit monuments, get someone else to drive you around, enjoying the good life in the nightlife from a chauffeured private car. Of course, in Paris, you'll want to dine in style as well.

That's what these tours, created by our Paris Concierge, are all about. See the city with an experienced driver/guide and then dine at a classic bistro or at a restaurant on the Eiffel Tower. We heartily recommend these new tours because our Paris Concierge really takes care of you and plans your whole evening with style. You can choose to tour the city before or after dinner. You can choose an iconic French car, a luxury sedan, or even a vintage Rolls. The important point is you can choose — our friendly concierge will arrange the activity that you want.


Dinner on the Eiffel Tower

Dinner on the Eiffel Tower

Let's first take a loot at a couple of do-not-miss evening activities that you can book yourself. We love the way France uses its monuments, incorporating them into everyday life. The Gothic churches of Paris, for instance, are also venues for classical music concerts.

In the case of the Eiffel Tower, there are not one, but two restaurants on the tower itself plus a champagne bar at the tippy-top. One of your choices for your evening illuminations tour is to have dinner at 58 Tour Eiffel, located on the first level. We love the ultra-contemporary setting and leading-edge French cuisine.

The second Eiffel Tower restaurant is the Michelin-starred Jules Verne, up on level two, where über-chef Alain Ducasse has created what may be the ultimate Paris dining experience. Both restaurants are easy to book online, but make your reservation as early as you can, since they tend to sell out.


Private Tour + Eiffel Tower Dinner

58 Tour Eiffel

These special, private nighttime city tours arranged for you by our Paris Concierge create longlasting memories. A private driver meets you at your Paris address and takes you on a magical tour of the city all aglow. As the tour ends you find yourself at the Eiffel Tower, where a table has been reserved for you. (And where you have a priority-access pass.) Ask about one of these packages —

  • 2CV tour + Dinner at the Eiffel Tower
  • Eiffel Tower Dinner + Vintage Rolls Illumination Tour
  • Eiffel Tower Dinner + Illumination Tour in a Luxury Sedan
  • Private Horse & Carriage Ride

The Iconic Citroën 2CV


The Citroën 2CV was an advanced economy car with innovate engineering and bodywork. Almost 9 million 2CVs were produced between 1948 and 1990. It remains the most iconic car ever produced in France.

Now, imagine being driven around Paris in a comfortable and completely refurbished 2CV. We don't know about you, but it makes us feel sooo French. Our Paris Concierge will arrange for an experienced driver/guide to take you to the best The City of Monuments has to offer on a fun and fact-filled tour. Making the experience even better, there is dinner at the end of it.

The dining option we like is up on the hill in Montmartre near Place du Terte. This is where Picasso and Modigliani and their coterie hung out when they were creating a whole new world of art in the early years of the 20th Century.


Styling in a Vintage Rolls

The Rolls Style

Somehow it seems that Paris + Eiffel Tower + champagne naturally go together. Now you can get it all in one memorable activity — a champagne-fuelled evening in Paris in the back of a vintage Rolls Royce. If you're ready for it, our Paris Concierge can arrange the whole thing.

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