The Eurostar From London To Paris & Back Again

London to Paris by train (or vice versa) in 2 hours 15 minutes. The high-speed Eurostar passenger train, via the Channel Tunnel, travels at speeds of 186 MPH and covers a distance of 307 miles. The Eurostar leaves from the pristine St Pancras Station in central London and arrives at Gare du Nord in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris just 135 minutes later.

The Eurostar has become such a fixture of Paris and London life that it's hard to believe that the first Eurostar trip took place in 1994. Since then something like 200 million passengers have ridden the Eurostar. Trains leave every hour, seven days a week, year round except Christmas Day, from both London and Paris. You spend only twenty minutes in the Channel Tunnel, for the rest of the trip you're speeding through the countrysides of Kent and northern France.


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More Comfortable than Flying

More Comfortable than Flying

Unlike air travel, you only need to arrive at the Eurostar station 30 minutes before departure. Your bags do not need to be checked — you will take them on the train with you. The seats are comfortable and clean and the staff is superb.

If you upgrade to Business Premier class you'll enjoy a delicious 3-course meal with champagne & wine. You're even free to bring your own food and drink onboard — including your own bottle of wine.


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More Reliable than Flying

More Reliable than Flying

According to a 2008 report, 95% of Eurostar trains arrived on time, compared to 65% of short-distance flights. When we're traveling from London to Paris, we find that the Eurostar is faster, more convenient, and more comfortable than flying. We hate those lines at the airports.

It's not surprising that the Eurostar London to Paris has captured more than 70% of the market from the airlines.

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