Day Trips from Paris – The Essential Experiences

There's a world of magnificent French history, art & culture just beyond the city gates. Fitting in one or two day trips during your time in Paris will enrich your experience and will give you a better perspective of the beauty, majesty and history that is found in the rest of France.

There are many amazing destinations can be reached on a day trip from Paris — the Palace of Versailles; or Giverny, the home of Claude Monet's inspirational gardens; there's the Loire Valley, with a corridor of magnificent castles as a reminder of the wealth and splendor of France's Renaissance; and then there's the beaches of Normandy, where Allied forces landed and began the liberation of France and the end of World War II.


Day Trips Are Easy to Plan

Easy to Plan

With so many destinations and tours to choose it's pretty easy to find a day trip that piques your interest. The thing we like most about these organized activities is that we don't have to rent a car, negotiate the Metro or trains, plan out routes, etc. All of these selected tours pick us up directly at our Paris address and return us back safely at the end of the day. Another bonus is that all entrance fees and, in many cases a classic French lunch, is included in the cost.

Day Trips From Paris – The Essentials

Chateau de Versailles Tours

A Paris Insiders Guide Essential

Versailles Tour

When you're in Paris you simply must take the opportunity to experience the royal history of France at the most opulent palace ever built.

Versailles and its gardens are absolutely huge — the palace alone is 520,000 square feet! But your private guide takes you directly to the best of the Chateau de Versailles — the Royal Quarters, the Hall of Mirrors, and the amazing French gardens. To us, one of the biggest benefits of these tours is that they walk you past the long line of people waiting to buy tickets to get in. We'd sign up for a tour just to skip the lines!


The Most Popular Ways to Visit Versailles

Best of Versailles. Skip the Line, with Hotel Pick-up & Lunch
This day trip from Paris gets you inside the royal estate without waiting in the long lines. Included is a 3-course traditional lunch by the Grand Canal.
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VIP Versailles Tour with Private Viewing of the Royal Quarters
Skip-the-Line entrance to the chateau through a VIP entrance, plus a private tour of the royal chambers and opera house not open to tourists.
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Spend a Day in the Champagne Region

Champagne Tours

With its world-class vineyards, rolling hills, fascinating history and prestigious champagne houses, a visit to this magical region makes for a fantastic day trip — we can't imagine visiting Paris without taking a trip to the Champagne Region.

On these small-group tours you are picked up at your Paris address in a comfortable Eurovan that holds no more than seven passengers and sped to Reims to visit that city's famous Gothic cathedral. (We don't really like the tours that transport you in a large bus.) Then you are driven through the stunning landscape to the Land of the Bubbly, to visit champagne producers large and small.

Some tours include a 3-course lunch, some feature a visit to the famous cathedral at Reims, some focus solely on the wines. But what they have in common is that they all create great memories!

The Chateaux of the Loire Valley

A Paris Insiders Guide Essential

Castles of the Loire Valley

Speaking of chateaux, there's a whole valley of them within driving distance of Paris, and it's easy to book a day trip that will take you to the most majestic Renaissance castles in the Loire Valley.

The most popular day tour to the Loire takes in the spectacular Château de Chambord and Château de Chenonceau, spanning the Cher River. But the day also includes a traditional (and bountiful!) French lunch where you are taken through a guided tasting of the best wines of the valley.

Monet's Gardens at Giverny

A Paris Insiders Guide Essential

Monet's water garden at Giverny

Claude Monet's contribution to Impressionism is unparalleled. He was called The Master by his fellow artists and is one of the only Impressionist painters to find success and recognition in his lifetime.

To visit his house, his garden, and his lily pad pond is to step back in time. There's something truly special about visiting his place is Giverny to stroll through the splendid gardens and walk across the famous Japanese bridge. Monet created the perfect palette for himself with his grand pink house, the lush gardens and the pond where lily pads flourish. It's easy to catch a day trip from Paris. There are daily tours from April to October.

Visit the D-Day Beaches of Normandy

D-Day Tours

The fate of World War II changed on the beaches of Normandy when the Allied forces invaded in June, 1944. Today,a trip to the pastoral countryside of the region and to the D-Day beaches is a powerful experience. Learn how to visit Omaha, Juno, and Gold beaches as well as the inspiring war memorials and museums on a day trip from Paris.

Visiting French Wine Regions

Visiting French Wine Regions

The wonderful thing about Paris (well, on of the wonderful things) is that there are some fabulous wine regions that can be reached from the city on a day trip.

We've talked about the Champagne Region, but did you know you can also visit the iconic vineyards of Burgundy on a one day trip from Paris? We'll tell you about it. We'll also tell you about other wine tours you can join from Dijon and Lyon.


Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

When you're traveling as a family, a trip to Disneyland Paris will please both the kids and the adults — and it just might make your Paris visit even more fun. We've done the planning work for you and have found the best ways to visit the park, and also the best ways to get there.

Read our Disneyland Paris Guide to learn the best way to buy tickets, our recommended Disneyland Paris vacation packages, the best hotels and details on how to get to le royaume magique — the Magical Kingdom.

Day Tours From Paris – Explore More

Day Trips From Paris - Explore More

So far we've only talked about some of the Day Trip Essentials, but if you want to really experience France, then maybe it's time to go a little deeper.

There's so much more to explore — World War I battlefields, Paris to Provence adventures, a day trip to London, the French Wine Country, amazing Mont Saint-Michel, and even more choices for Champagne Day Trips.

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