Get A Move On – The Top Walking Tours of Paris

As we've said, the best way to see Paris is on foot. But even better is to see it on foot with someone who knows the city inside and out. What better way to learn about the city, its food, its history, and its culture?

A guided tour gives you a leisurely yet insightful sense of the City of Light. There are some great choices that we really like — historical tours, tours at night, specific tours of monuments and museums, and tours that cover all of the best of Paris. We always learn more and have more fun on a good tour. Let's start out by looking at the top ten walking tours.


Visit Versailles the Royal Way

Best of Versailles with Skip-the-Line Access + Grand Canal Lunch
Skip the long lines to experience the grandeur of Versailles on a guided tour. Stroll through the stunning gardens then meet up for lunch on the Grand Canal. Hotel pick-up is included.
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Your Own Private Versailles – Private Tour with Hotel Pick-up
Experience Versailles on an exclusive private tour with access to areas seen only by dignitaries. See the Hall of Mirrors, the king and queen's private residences, as well as the magnificent gardens.
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The 10 Best Walking Tours of Paris

10 Best Walking Tours of Paris

To make your choice easier, we present the top ten walking tours in Paris — loved by our readers and recommended by us. There's a chocolate and pastry tour, two gourmet food walks, a creepy night perambulation, even a skip-the-line walking tour of the Louvre. All of these activities will make your Paris visit both more fun and more informative.

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Food & Wine Walking Tours

Food & Wine Walking Tours

Food + Wine + Paris. Try to separate them, it's an illusion. That's right, they go together. So, naturally there are walking tours of Paris that cover food or wine or both.

Chew on this selection of the best of those tours that include chocolate & pastries, French wine & champagne, the best cheeses of France, and getting behind the scenes at a Parisian boulangerie

Unusual Guided Walks in Paris

Unusual Guided Walks in Paris

Paris has a lot of depth — that is, it has a lot of history, a lot of things have happened, a lot of people have lived here. Therefore, there's lot of opportunity to do and see something a bit different, and the particularly applies to guided walking tours.

We like the history of Paris, so tours that take us to the vestiges of previous eras are interesting to us. Things like a tour of the Paris of the French Revolution, or Paris in World War II. Whether your interested in movies, fashion, or the lifestyles of the rich and famous (dead) Parisians, theres a walking tour for you.

Mysterious Walking Tours – Creepy, Yet Delightful

Mysterious Walking Tours of Paris

What could be more fun than putting a little bit of darkness into your visit to the City of Light? We've selected a handful of walking tours we think you'll like — tours that are all about the eerie, the fantastic, the underground of the city, and about the nighttime. You're allowed to hold hands!

Walking Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Walking Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Unexpectedly, this turned out to be one of the best walking tours we've ever been on in Paris. "Unexpectedly" because… well, it's a cemetery. But what a fascinating place, containing the graves of so many famous (and infamous) Parisiens. Pere Lachaise is vast, stretching over 110 acres, so it was a real advantage going with a guide who took us directly to the most interesting sites and fill us in on the background and history. Read our complete review to learn more.


Popular Louvre Skip-the-Line Tours

The Louvre's Greatest Masterpieces
Skip the lines make the most of your time in Paris with a whirlwind tour of the must-see works of art in the Louvre. and see a lot of art on this professionally-guided tour. The top choice.
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Louvre Private Tour with Priority Access
Head straight to the front of the line, then journey through art history on a 3-hour private Louvre visit. On this complete tour, an expert guide reveals subtle details about the artwork.
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Classic Walking Tours

Classic Walking Tours of Paris

We particularly like this selection walking tours that give you and your family a chance to see the Paris essentials, the key monuments, museums, landmarks and cathedrals. Like all the tours we approve of and recommend in these articles, these are conducted by expert and informative. And, like most Paris activities, they should be booked, online, before you leave home.

Neighborhoods & Quartiers

Neighborhoods & Quartiers

Paris may seem like one city, but it is actually made up of quirky and distinct quartiers, or villages. A perfect way to get to understand the variety of the city is to learn more about one of the historic neighborhoods.

That's why we like the walking tours that concentrate on one of these unique corners, that really gets into the neighborhood where you can learn its history and visit its hidden corners.

Walking Paris History

Walking Tours in Paris History

"Walking Paris History" sounds like a Dylan song, doesn't it? But to us the City of Lights is also the City of History. Paris has been around a long, long time, so there is a lot of history to explore. You can't help be aware of the depth of history wherever you walk in the city, wherever you look, and a guided tour makes those artifacts come alive.

We review walking tours of Paris that focus on distinct periods of its history, from the French Revolution to World War II.


The Most Popular Paris Activities

The Food & Wine of the Marais
Starting at the oldest food market in the city, follow your expert guide through the historic Marais neighborhood to visit the top food & wine shops, tasting the best of French food.
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VIP Dinner Cruise with Bateaux Parisiens
This romantic, VIP dinner cruise is the #1 nighttime activity. Be sure to choose the Service Privilege option for the best seating, the most champagne, the best meal, and the ultimate experience.
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Photography Walking Tours

Photography Walking Tours

What city is more photogenic than Paris, and what better place to learn to improve your photography?

A walking tour with a local, professional photographer who knows the city well gets you to some of the best known sights, but also to photographers' secret locations where you'll be able to shoot sights rarely discovered by tourists. Of course the whole point is that, all the while, you'll be getting tips on sharpening your technique!

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