Canadian & US Embassies in Paris – On Guard For Thee

The Canadian and US embassies in Paris are there to help in case of emergency. It's never likely to happen in a city like Paris, but if you find you need help with a lost passport, or if you have trouble with local authorities, it's nice to know where your flag flies.

In fact, the only time you're ever likely to need an embassy is if your passport has been lost or stolen, or if you have become stranded. In case of emergencies like these help is at hand in Paris for US and Canadian citizens at their respective embassies.

Trip Planning Advice From The Embassies

Trip Planning Advice

Both embassies recommend that you have at least one copy of your passport with you in a separate place, other than your purse or wallet. Keep it in your hotel or inside your luggage.

We like to make photocopies and tuck them into our suitcases before we leave home. We also scan our passports and keep copies in our computers, mobile phones, and on the cloud somewhere. We do the same for credit cards, airline flight information, etc.


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US Embassy Information

US Embassy Information

Although the embassy is there to help, line-ups can be long. No one is allowed inside without an appointment. Your best bet is to first email or call the embassy with your questions. The US Embassy is just of Place de la Concorde, across the side street from Hotel de Crillon. By the way, the US Embassy Paris is unable to help with airlines, train companies, or hotels.

Visit the US Embassy Paris

Even if you don't need to go inside it's worth taking a stroll past the US Embassy in Paris. The four-story neoclassical building sits majestically on the northwest corner of the Place de la Concorde. The building looks toward Avenue Gabriel and the beautiful gardens of the Champs-Elysées.


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Canadian Embassy Information

Canadian Embassy Information

The Canadian embassy provides many services to Canadians visiting or living in France. It's preferable to contact the Canadian embassy by telephone or email. The Canadian Embassy is located on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, also in the 8th Arrondissement.

In Case Of Emergency – Canadian Citizens

If you need emergency service from the Canadian government while you are in Paris, go to the embassy's emergency assistance webpage or call the embassy's emergency number in Paris at 01 44 43 29 02.

Lost or Stolen Passport – Canadian Citizens

Visit the Assistance to Canadians website or, in France, call 01 44 43 29 02.

Visas for France

American and Canadian citizens do not require a visa to travel to France. Check to make sure your passport is up to date and won't expire during your travels.

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