9 Of Our Favorite
Easy French Recipes

9 Of Our Favorite Easy French Recipes

Making French classics at home transport you back to Paris! We love that feeling in our kitchen and these easy French recipes make it easily possible for you as well.

Here we present some of the favorite easy French recipes that we've collected over the years.

By the way, all of these recipes, and others, can be found in our award-winning book, How to Cook Bouillabaisse in 37 Easy Steps, which won the Paris Gourmand International Cookbook Award.

So, if you want to have all of the 49 recipes in the book, buy your own copy and you'll have all of them at hand, as well as the stories of our culinary adventures in France.

Most of these classic French dishes can be made in less than 30 minutes, with just a few ingredients. Easy French recipes rely on top notch ingredients like butter, cream, eggs and dark chocolate. Stock your kitchen with these essentials and you'll find it's a snap to make any of these easy French recipes.

Quiche Recipes

Quiche recipes

Did you know authentic quiche lorraine is made without cheese? If you want to make a delicious, bona fide quiche, this recipe delivers. The secret ingredients? Lots of bacon and real cream.

Quiche Recipes »

Quiche Recipes – Pastry Dough »

Steak au Poivre

Steak au poivre

The French adore rare steak dressed up in 101 different ways. Learn how to make this easy, classic dish and you will have a showstopper in your repertoire. Make this anytime you want to really impress your dinner guests.

Steak au poivre »

Scallop Recipes – Coquilles Saint-Jacques

Scallop Recipes

After trying several complicated versions of French scallop recipes, we created this simple, fool-proof version based on a dish we ate at Fermette Marbeuf 1900, a stylish Belle Époque restaurant in Paris.

Scallop Recipes – Coquilles Saint-Jacques »

Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

When you're looking for an easy vinaigrette recipe, try this classic Balsamic vinegar version. It can be made in less than 3 minutes and will become your house salad favorite. We've been wowwing people for years with this simple recipe!

Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing »

French Bread Recipes

French bread recipes

Think it's hard to make French bread like you find in Paris boulangeries? Mais, non! This is one of those easy French recipes that can be made by a six year old. The no-knead method produces a light and crunchy loaf. Just stir and set aside!

French Bread Recipes »

Duck Recipes

Duck Recipes

The French love duck and in Paris, you'll find duck confit and magret de canard served everywhere. Here, you'll learn how to make magret de canard, pan-fried and then baked. Served with a delicous cherry reduction sauce.

Duck Recipes »

Roast Chicken Recipe

Roast Chicken Recipe

Want to make the most amazing roast chicken? This roast chicken recipe delivers crispy skin, tender meat and succulent vegetables – perfected with high heat and only a few ingredients. Easy French recipes? This is one of 'em!

Roast Chicken Recipe »

French Food Recipes – Sole Meuniere

Sole Meuniere

3 ingredients. 10 minute cooking time. French food recipes don't get easier than this. Sole meuniere is a beautiful, light French fish dish. The secret ingredient? Butter… and lots of it!

French Food Recipes – Sole Meuniere »

Omelet Recipe

Omelet Recipe

Want to know the secrets to making a light and fluffy omelet? We think this is the best omelet recipe you're likely to find! We'll let you in on the secrets…

Omelet Recipe »

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