Get a Move On – Walking Tours of Paris

Get into the heart of the city — and get some fresh air while doing it! Walking tours are among the most fun ways to learn about Paris, its history and its culture.

We've always thought that the best way to see Paris is on foot. But even better is to see it on foot with someone who knows the city inside and out.

A guided tour gives you a leisurely yet insightful sense of the City of Lights, The City of Food, The City of History! There are a lot of really good choices – historical tours, tours at night, specific tours of monuments and museums, and tours that cover all of the best of Paris.

We always learn so much and have fun on a good tour, and that's why we recommend them. Even though we've been to Paris many times, we still book speciality tours to increase the enjoyment of our time there.

Paris Insiders Tip

It's important to book your walking tours before you leave home, since some of them fill up quickly. The tours we recommend all have easy online booking.

Paris, paris Tours of...well, Paris

A Paris Insiders Guide favourite


Who better to amble around Paris with than two of the people who know it best?

David Downie is the author of, among other books, Paris, paris, our favourite book about meandering through the City of Light. Together with his wife, award-winning photographer Alison Harris, they create custom walking tours for a few lucky visitors. Get lucky.

Classic Walking Tours

Classic Walking Tours of Paris

In this selection of walking tours you and your family get a chance to see the Paris essentials: the key monuments, museums, landmarks and cathedrals.

Like the other tours in this guide, all of them are conducted by expert and informative guides and should be booked, online, before you leave home.

Neighborhoods & Quartiers

Neighborhoods & Quartiers

Paris is full of wonderful and distinct quartiers, or neighborhoods and a great way to get to understand the variety of the city is to learn more about one of the historic quartiers.

That's why we recommend you consider signing up for a walking tour of Paris that concentrates on one of these unique corners, that really gets into the neighborhood.

Mysterious Walking Tours

Mysterious Walking Tours of Paris

What could be more fun tha putting a little bit of darkness into your visit to the City of Light?

We've selected a handful of walking tours we think you'll like — tours that are all about the eerie, the fantastic, the underground of the city, and the night time. You're allowed to hold hands!

Walking Paris History

Walking Tours in Paris History

To us the City of Lights is also the City of History.

Paris has been around a long, long time, so there is a lot of history to explore. You're very aware of the depth of history wherever you walk in the city, wherever you look.

There are a few walking tours of Paris the focus on distinct periods of its history, from the French Revolution to World War II.

Food & Wine Walking Tours

Food & Wine Walking Tours

Food, Wine, Paris. Try to separate them, it's an illusion.

That's right, they go together. So, naturally there are walking tours of Paris that cover food or wine or both.

Chew on this selection of the best of those tours…

  • Chocolate & pastries.
  • French wine & champagne.
  • Behind the scenes at a boulangerie.
  • We Review a Delicious Selection of Food & Wine Walking Tours »

Photography Walking Tours

Photography Walking Tours

What city is more photogenic than Paris?

And what better place to learn to improve your photography?

These three- and four-hour tours get you to some of the best known sights, as well as photographers' secret locations. All the while, you'll be sharpening your technique!

  • The historic Latin Quarter.
  • The medieval Paris of The Marais.
  • Montmartre — the haunt of artists and bohemians.
  • Read More About Photography Tours of Paris »

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