Restaurants In Paris – Guide To Eating In The City Of Food

Neighborhood bistros, lively brasseries, intimate cafés & Michelin-starred restaurants. They're all included in this Restaurant In Paris guide to eating. Choosing where to eat — and making the best choices — can be a bit confusing. But it's a good kind of confusing, if you know what we mean. Here's the good news — you are welcome to use our hard-earned experience (well…actually it was fun) gained from eating in scores of Paris bistros, brasseries, starred-restaurants and cafés for nearly twenty years.

That's right, we're about to share all of our restaurants in Paris guide recommendations and Insiders tips. Speaking of tips, here's another one. It's important to call the restaurant to confirm on the day of your reservation. (Or have your concierge call for you). Many restaurants in Paris require this. If you don't confirm, you may lose your reservation. We've seen it happen! And, yes, this means that usually you need reservations.

Best Paris Restaurants – Guide

Our Preferred Restaurants

We've eaten at a lot of great restaurants in Paris and it's our pleasure to share our reviews of the best of them.

Our Best of Paris Restaurants are the special ones that have created an exceptional dining experience — leaving us with culinary memories that endure the test of time. We like to think of them as the places we'd go if we had one last meal on Earth, the restaurants we'd urge friends and family to go when they are in Paris. To make sure you have equally rewarding eating experiences, consult our list of our favourite nights out in the City of Food.

We Pick the Top Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Top Michelin-Starred Restaurants

The Michelin Red Guide to restaurants is the only guide book that matters to the top chefs of France. We know, we've asked them.

During our many visits to Paris, and especially for our new book about one-star Michelin restaurants in France, we've eaten at a fair number of restaurants that have been awarded the highest accolades by Michelin.

Explaining Bistros, Brasseries and Cafés

Bistros, Brasseries and Cafes

They define the culinary landscape of the city and are a historical link to the past.

Bistros, brasseries & cafés have been around for centuries, reaching back to 1686 when Procope served their first bowl of French onion soup. Today they remain the staple of French dining and are found in every quartier of the city.

Stellar Paris Bistros at Amazing Prices

Stellar Paris Bistros at Amazing Prices

Some of our most memorable restaurant experiences have been in those where the chef/owner is in the kitchen.

We explore a few stellar chef restaurants in the City of Food, some of which opened over twenty years ago, changing the city's culinary scene forever. They still offer gourmet meals at affordable prices.

Luxury Paris Restaurants

Luxury Paris Restaurants

A leisurely long lunch or dinner in a top-rated Paris restaurant will give you a taste of the good life.

There will be a bevy of servers, all silently tending to your every culinary need. The setting will be opulent yet calming and the food will be inspirational.

But, stuffy? Pas du tout. Not at all. We've always been struck by the care and attention the staff affords us and how everyone seems to be excited about serving such great food.

Paris Dining – Insider Tips

Paris Dining Tips & Etiquette

The French are a little different from us, so knowing some basic Parisian restaurant etiquette will make you feel more comfortable when dining in the City of Food. For instance…

Waiters in restaurants in Paris do not fawn over their customers. Don't mistake this for poor service, it's just another fascinating cultural difference. Most restaurants in Paris are small, so if you need the server just catch her eye — never snap your fingers.

Space is tight in central Paris and you'll find that many restaurants use up every bit of their precious space. You may find yourself side-by-side with other diners. Enjoy yourself, but try not to poke them with your fork!

Garçon is not the name of your server. That means "boy" in French. Instead call your server either Monsieur, Madame or Mademoiselle. (Tip: Mademoiselle refers to a young woman, so if you want to make a friend, opt for Mademoiselle !)

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