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Paris On A Budget

"Paris" and "Budget"? Can those two words coexist peacefully? If you're trying to visit Paris on a budget, these Euro-saving tips will help you enjoy the City of Light without breaking the bank. In fact, we've discovered that many of the finer things of Parisian life – like baguettes, wine, art, and culture – don't cost a lot

Paris on a budget starts at the airport. Forget about private cars and taxis, those are Paris budget breakers. One of our readers' ways to get from the CDG (that is, Charles de Gaulle Airport) to the city is this shuttle service, which has received hundreds of positive reviews from travelers.

Cheap Seats Into Paris – Buses & Trains

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The ultimate ways to save money getting from the airports into Paris (since we don't recommend hitchhiking!) are to use the bus or the RER trains.

While they're certainly less convenient that a shuttle or a taxi, they certainly do save money. If you planning to use the buses or the RER train, pack lightly. You'll need to maneuver your luggage through the Metro, so keep your baggage to a minimum. Make sure you can handle all your suitcases on your own.

We've explored the possibilities and present you with complete information in our guide.

Budget Accommodations

Budget Accommodations

Although the sky's the limit on accommodation costs in Paris, there are quite a few budget alternatives.

For instance, you can still find budget hotels for under 100€ per day, which, in one of Europe's most expensive cities, is a definite bargain.

If you're traveling as a couple or as a family, and staying in Paris for a week or more, think about finding a family-oriented hotel with a bit more space.

We've selected the best budge and family hotels in these guides —

Paris City Passes

Paris City Passes

If you're going to be visiting a number of museums and monuments, and if want to ride the Metro for free, we have a great Euro-saving idea for you.

The Paris Museum Pass gets you into over 60 museums for free. It overs all the best ones, too. An even bigger advantage is that it lets you skip the long ticket lines.

Then there's what's called the Paris Visite card. This is the Paris Metro Pass that lets you ride the Metro, the city buses, and the RER commuter train from free. It's another great tool to have.

There's also something called the Paris Attractions Pass, which get you to the top of the Arc de Triopmhe, a Seine river cruise, and a lot of other things… all for free, as well.

Sound like a lot of passes? Don't worry, it gets even easier.

They are all included with the Paris Pass, our preferred city pass. Get ahold of one before your leave home. It will be the most important tool in your travel bag. Did we mention the free wine tasting?

More Paris-on-a-Budget Tips

Free Museums in Paris
Museum entrance tickets can add up, but you can save money by visiting some of free museums in Paris. Most of the City of Paris museums are free including Le Petit Palais, Musée Carnavalet and the Paris Museum of Modern Art).
Guide To Free Museums in Paris

A Parisian Diet
If you adopt a Paris diet, you will save money and eat better than you do back home. Go native and stock up on baguettes, croissants and éclairs. A baguette costs around 1€ and a delicious pastry is between 2€ and 3€. French cheeses are also a bargain, and of course, there's the wine. Buy a bottle of Bordeaux for around 8€ and you've got a Paris meal fit for a king.

Cheap Travel Tips
Avoid ordering coffee and soft drinks at trendy and historic cafés in heavily touristed areas like Champs Elysées and Saint-Germain. Instead, go off the Grand Boulevards to local bars for a lovely glass of wine. You gotta a love country where wine costs less than soda pop!

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