Guide to Paris Airport
Transfers by Taxi

Get from the airport to central Paris — with minimum hassle. Most travelers get from the CDG airport to central Paris by taxi. It's the easiest way to get from the airport if you haven't arranged a private car or shuttle – and requires no advanced booking. After you land (most likely at Terminal 2A or 2Eof Charles de Gaulle Airport), you go through customs & immigration, then follow the signs to baggage claim, where you can grab a luggage cart.

If you are approached by anyone posing as taxi driver when leaving the baggage claim area, just ignore him and walk to the taxi line-up. These are scam artists who will charge you many times the usual fare.

After that, follow our handy advice below to find the taxi queue nearest to your exit gate. Paris taxis are regulated and are generally clean and convenient. The downside is that the wait for a taxi is sometimes long – either the lines are long or taxis are slow in arriving. When you're coming off 8 or 12 or 20 hours of travel, this can be trying. That's one reason we always use a private car service for our trips into Paris from the airport. It makes our arrival in Paris so much the better.

Where to Find the Taxi Queues at CDG

Paris Taxis

To catch a taxi, get into the taxi line-up at your terminal, there's only one line-up at each terminal and you simply follow the signs to get there.

These days, most of the taxi line-ups have attendants helping to move the line along. It can be a bit hectic, but also kind of fun! Although, as we said, be prepared to wait a while, especially if a number of flights have just landed.

Here are where you find the taxi lines at the terminals of CDG: they are all relatively close to the baggage areas —

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  • 1: exit 24 on the arrivals level
  • 2A: exit 6
  • 2B: exit 7
  • 2C: exit 6
  • 2D: exit 7
  • 2E: gate 12 on the arrivals level
  • 2F: gate 11 on the arrivals level
  • 2G: blue gate

If you have a small child (in a stroller works best) or are disabled, you don't need to wait in the taxi line-up (or, for that matter, almost any line-up in France). Make yourself known to the queue attendant and he will whisk you into the next available cab. One tip is to have your infant in the stroller so you are easily noticed.

Parlez-vous "Taxi" ?

Paris Taxis

Many, if not most, Paris taxi drivers do not speak English, but be certain to greet yours with "Bonjour, Monsieur".

Even if you don't think your pronunciation is very good, it will get you off on the right foot.

If you don't speak French (or if your accent is as bad as ours!), we recommend that you hand the driver a piece of paper with the name of your hotel and the address. (Prepare this before you leave home).

Paying your Driver

Taxi fares are posted on the passenger window and are easy to interpret. Depending on traffic (slow traffic means the trip takes longer, while the meter is running), taxi fare to anyplace in central Paris should be around 70€. (But just remember, it could well be more.)

Most Paris taxis still don't accept credit cards, so be sure to have about 100€ cash with you. (Get it before you leave home.)

It is not necessary to tip your taxi driver. He will charge you 1€ per extra piece of luggage (the first two pieces are free) on top of the fare on the meter. If he tries to charge you more, complain. Just saying "No" and pointing to the fare sign posted on the cab window usually works.

Paris Airport Taxi Advice

Only get into taxis that are in the line-ups at the exit doors we listed above. Available taxis can be identified by the light on the roof of the vehicle — if the light is on, it's available. And, as we aid, we find that most taxi lines these days have an attendant who helps to move things along.

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