Honeymoon Hotels In Paris – A Romantic Room For A Memorable Visit

4 Romantic Honeymoon Hotels

Live La Vie Romantique in the City of Love by settling into a honeymoon hotel in Paris. In our guide to Paris honeymoon planning we shared the very best things to do in Paris during your honeymoon. Here we take a look at the best places to stay — from the let's-go-all-the-way luxury hotels to cozy & wonderful hotels in the Latin Quarter.

It's not every day that you get married (well, usually!) and not every trip that's a honeymoon. So, we tend to go a bit larger with our honeymoon hotel recommendations. We don't want you to blow the entire budget on a room, but we do want you to be really comfortable and feel very special. Now, put aside the guest list for a while and take some time for yourself as we help you choose a honeymoon hotel in the City of Love.


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Find Hotel Deals for Your Dates in Paris

Save on hotels in every arrondissement of Paris – the Latin Quarter, Saint Germain, the Right Bank, the Marais, near the Eiffel Tower. Save 10%, 20%… or even more!
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Shangri-La Paris

If you want to do it well, if you want to do it romantically, if you want to do it memorably, you are not going to be able to beat the Shangri-La Paris. Just look at the view from the terrace. No other hotel in Paris has that view of the Eiffel Tower. What was once the mansion of a nephew of Napoleon III is now a luxury hotel without equal, one that still retains the Belle Époque decor of the original building. Pricey? Oh, yeah. Worth it? Absolutely.

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Our Rating — Superb-Plus!
• 10 Avenue d'Iéna
• 16th Arrondissement

Le Cinq Codet – 5-Star Art Moderne

Le Cinq Codet

It's amazing that this hotel was once the France Telecom building, built in the 1930s Art Moderne style. A complete revamp a few years ago kept the Art Moderne styling but updated everything else to give the hotel a refreshing, modern feel. Also refreshing is that this is one of the few hotels of this calibre not owned by a chain. Luxurious, exciting design — that's what you can expect at Le Cinq Codet.

Our Rating — Superb
• 5 Rue Louis Codet
• 7th Arrondissement

Hotel Monge

As soon as it opened, Hotel Monge became our new favorite in Paris. We stay here whenever we're in town for two or three days. Barely two years old, everything at the Monge is shiny new and… well, perfect. From the lighting details to the decoration to the amazing beds and pillows, the whole experience is satisfying, inviting, and comfortable. Hotel Monge was on our Top 10 List of everything Paris in 2016. Another Superb-Plus! rating from us.

Our Rating — Superb
• 55 rue Monge
• 5th Arrondissement

Hotel Aubusson

Set on Rue Dauphine, which leads directly to the Seine, where you can cross Pont Neuf to île de la Cité (it's a 3-minute walk), Hotel d'Aubusson is the highest-rated boutique hotel in the 6th Arrondissement and our readers' top choice.

Built in the 17th century as a private mansion, Aubusson retains the period charm, with oak beams, giant fireplaces, and antique furniture. The rooms are charming, well-maintained, and equipped to modern comfort standards. We also love the public areas like the lobby and the bar with its curved zinc counter, not to mention the swimming pool, a rarity on the Left Bank.

Our Rating —Superb-Plus!
• 75 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine
• 5th Arrondissement

Boutique & Romantic Hotels in Paris

Boutique & Romantic Hotels

We've shared our top picks, hotels we feel will be perfect for a Paris honeymoon. But really, there's no shortage of wonderful hotels here. We've reviewed dozens more that we have loved. If you want to explore further, discover 40-something hotels in all the best neighborhoods of the city that we have reviewed favorably.

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