What to Wear in Paris
In Fall – Fashion Guide

Ripe Plum, Brick Red, Cognac –
It's All About Burgundy

What to Wear – Fall 2012 Report. Our Paris fashion spys have reported back from Fashion Week to reveal the top trends for Fall 2012.

And it's all good news! Many classic pieces made their appearance on the runway and the streets of Paris. Navy and black combinations were everywhere, along with the star color of the season — bordeaux.

Bordeaux isn't just a wine or a city in France, it's the IT color for the season.

Think of burgundy as the new black. In luscious spice tones, matte and shiny, this autumn color is paired with mustard, emerald green and even hot pink! The trick with burgundy is to find the right shade for your skin tone — so you own the color and it doesn't own you. If you have a warm skin tone opt for brick red burgundy, if you have a cool skin tone head towards bluish plums.

What to Wear — Fall 2012 Color Trends

Here's how to to wear burgundy, updated for this season. Keep the pieces form-fitting and simple, then punctuate the outfit with bold pink or magenta to keep it current.

Other What To Wear In Paris Fall Trends include real and faux fur, angora, mohair and cashmere — all cozy, comfortable and stylish. Find a luxurious fabric to suit your style and budget, then revel in your chic cool-weather Paris wardrobe.

Shop For The Faux Fur Snood Faux Fur Snood Cable Cashmere Snood Cashmere Snood Accent Leather Gloves Accent Leather Gloves Bruton Mini Crossbody Bag Mini Crossbody Bag

Add a faux fur snood over any sweather or jacket for instant glamour.
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A ribbed cashmere snood adds texture, warmth and elegance to any fall ensemble.
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A pair of accent leather gloves will finish the look. Choose a contrasting color instead of a matching color. If your coat is black, choose cherry or chestnut. If your sweater is burgundy, choose forest green.
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After seasons of oversized bags, it's time for a mini-bag in an autumn shade of burgundy or dark green.
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What to Wear in Paris — Fall 2012 Essentials

Classic Pea Jacket Classic Pea Jacket Animal Print Pencil Skirt Animal Print Pencil Skirt Bold Accent Colors Bold Accent Colors Lush Burgundy Dress Lush Burgundy Dress
Classic Pea Jacket

Get a classic pea jacket in sailor blue or tomato red for a modern touch. The single-breasted pea jacket is more slimming than the classic double breasted version.
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Animal Print Pencil Skirt

What to Wear in Paris – Fall 2012 Report. Mix and match a classic black sweater with a sexy animal-print pencil skirt. The trick is to keep everything simple except for the pop of animal print. This one is fully lined for a smooth line.
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Bold Accent Colors

Take charge with fire-engine red, hot pink, russet or claret red accents. Other brights include deep sapphire, cherry and cognac. Keep the outfit simple and dazzle by adding a pashmina scarf, belt or bag in a bold accent color.
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Lush Burgundy Dress

What to Wear in Paris – Fall 2012 Report. Although it's also available in black, the burgundy wine color is oh-so-current this season. This lightweight wool dress is fully lined to create a long fluid line. The A-line shape is universially flattering on virtually all body types.
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Cowl Neck Sweater Dress Cowl Neck Dress A Signature Leather Piece Signature Leather Piece Hot Pink Jeans/Burgundy Sweater Hot Pink Jeans Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan Boyfriend Cardigan
Cowl Neck Sweater Dress

What to Wear in Paris – Fall 2012 Report. The classic cowl neck sweater dress never goes out of fashion. Made from 100% cashmere, you will feel warm and cozy in this classic style. Choose the aubergine color to make it current.
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A Signature Leather Piece

Choose from matte, shiny or buttery leather. A signature leather piece will go a long way to creating a modern, fall wardrobe. This buttery soft lamb nappa leather pencil skirt is beautifully tailored and fully lined. Choose the bordeaux version to make it of the season.
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Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan

What to Wear in Paris – Fall 2012 Report. Make this classic sweater work for you this fall in cognac, cherry or hot pink cashmere. The cozy boyfriend cardigan looks great paired with jeans or over a form fitting sheath dress. Dress it up with a wide or skinny belt. Dress it down with flats and a casual scarf. Pair it with a contrasting scarf or pashmina or a pop of color and visual interest. If the jeans are hot pink, try a neutral tee and a cognac cardigan.
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Hot Pink Jeans & Burgundy Sweater

Merino Burgundy Sweater

Try pairing a classic v-neck merino sweater in cognac or claret, and a slick teal coat, with hot pink jeans and heels. The essential jean is updated in bright pink, making it your statement piece for the season.
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What not wear in Paris – Fall 2012 or anytime!

Although the Paris runways were full of full body jumpsuits, this is one trend we are staying clear of.

Our rule of thumb is: if it's a trend that we wore in 1989, it's one that this "woman of a certain age" will avoid.

Instead, we'll opt for pairing a classic pair of dark jeans with a burgundy jacket and, for a pop of hot pink, a bright raspberry scarf to punctuate the outfit.

And please don't forget our Rules Of Don't — running shoes, fanny packs, fleece, sweatshirts, sweats of any kind and ugly nylon backpacks.

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