Insiders Guide to
Paris Landmarks

Insiders Guide to Paris Landmarks

From Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower — they're all art of the city's 2000-year history. In every arrondissement of Paris there are landmarks that remind us of the city's tumultuous and glorious history. There is so much to see, where do you start?

A good place to start is right here, where you can find all the top city landmarks explained in detail — and even some hidden landmarks that you may not have heard of.

This, then, is our guide to the landmarks of the City of History, some famous like Eiffel Tower, some lesser known, like the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel.

In addition to those, also Make sure you visit some of the historic churches and cathedrals — we recommend that you get a ticket for a classical music concert at one of these historic venues.

There's a lot to see, so let's starting planning —

Monuments in Paris

Monuments in Paris

The monuments in Paris are, so often, all about great men, and one man in particular.

Napoleon had his hand in quite a few of the monuments that still dazzle us today.

Learn about the great Paris monuments, from a Revolutionary mausoleum to a modern skyscraper.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

Who wouldn't like to be tall, thin and oh so popular?

Yes, the Eiffel Tower has it all, including over 200,000,000 Likes (in the form of visitors!) to date. That makes it the most visited landmark in the world, and in history. Pretty good for something that was only supposed to stand for 20 years!

Churches & Cathedrals

Paris Cathedrals

Spires pierce the sky in every part of Paris, and most of them are attached to famous Paris churches and cathedrals.

Everyone knows Notre Dame Cathedral, but learn the fascinating stories of other churches that don't have hunchbacks, like Saint Sulpice and Saint Eustache.

Historic Paris Landmarks

Historical Paris Landmarks

Like few other cities, Paris oozes history.

No matter where you walk in Paris or what you do, evidence of the city's glorious and tumultuous history is still visible. Take a virtual visit to some of the city's royal historical treasures.

Paris Opera Houses

Paris Opera House

Although the Opera de a Bastille is the official venue of the Paris National Opera Company, the old Paris opera house, Palais Garnier, is more well known.

That majestic Beaux Arts structure with its chandeliers, gilt and marble interiors, grand staircase and ceiling by Marc Chagall is not to be missed.

Hotel de Ville

Hotel de Ville Paris

Set on the banks of the Seine River, the City Hall is one of the most popular Paris landmarks and it's been that way for over 650 years.

Before you travel we thought it might be fun for you to find out more about the Hotel de Ville, what happened to it during the Paris Commune, and about a walking tour that explores the dark past of Paris.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Paris

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has been one of the world's famous churches since construction started in the 12th century.

Today the church's fame is greater than ever, and millions of visitors every year flock to the place it stands on. Learn when to to visit, the history, how to beat the lines and how to attend a concert.

Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur Paris

The massive white structure on the highest point of Paris is the most visible church in the city.

Sacre Coeur Paris also has the most amazing views. It's a good place to start your visit to the historic hilltop quartier of Montmartre.

Read the guide to learn its history and the best things to do in Montmartre.

Bastille Paris

Bastille Paris France

The Bastille is a symbol of liberty, it's a former prison, it's an opera house, and it's an important political meeting place in Paris where the 4th, 11th and 12th Arrondissements come together.

Read our guide to learn all about the Bastille and what to see and do nearby.

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