The Top 10 Activities In Paris For 2018 – The #1 Most Popular Surprised Us

There's a lot to do in Paris, from climbing the Eiffel Tower to visiting the Louvre to cruising on the river to (and this is our favorite) tasting wine. How do you choose what to do in your limited time here? This list is going to help you — the 10 top activities booked by visitors for the year 2018. Let's find out what people have liked the most.

#10. Paris in One Day City Tour


"Can you actually," we hear you ask, "see Paris in one day?" Well, if you're not in Paris for very long or if you simply want to see a lot in a short time, this activity comes pretty close. What do you see on this full-day tour? The Louvre, on a skip-the-line guided tour. The Eiffel Tower, where you skip the lines and have lunch at restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel as you view the city below. The Seine River, on two separate cruises. Notre Dame, on a guided tour.

It's really a good value and a great introduction to Paris.

#9. Dinner on the Eiffel Tower + River Cruise

Dinner on the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is not only the city's most famous monument, it's one of the coolest places to have dinner. This activity is the perfect way to have a classic French dinner on the iconic symbol of Paris at restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel while gazing at the city spread out 200 feet beneath you. Afterwards you stroll to the nearby banks of the Seine for a nighttime river cruise, another perfect way to see Paris.

This evening package includes everything — transportation to the Eiffel Tower from a central Paris location, priority access at the Tower (no standing in line for hours!), dinner and drinks, and a river cruise. No wonder it's so popular.

#8. Gourmet Food Walking Tour

Food Walking Tour

Visitors' eighth most popular activity this year has been this small-group gourmet food walking tour that takes you to the most scrumptious specialty food stores in the Latin Quarter. (If you choose the afternoon version of the tour, you visit the gourmet shops of Montmartre.) You start at a fromagerie and from there move on to visit the best wine shop, sample freshly baked baguettes, and more.

The small size of the group ensures you get individual attention (and plenty of samples!). You not only walk and taste, you learn about French culinary habits, and how the best foods of the country are produced. Oh, and don't worry — any calories you consume will be burned off by the walking!

#7. The Best of Versailles with Grand Canal Lunch

The Best of Versailles

You must visit Versailles while you're in Paris, and this is hands-down the best and most popular way to do it. Versailles is very busy, with entry lines that go on forever. The only way to avoid standing in lineups for an hour or more is to sign up for a skip-the-line guided tour. Your driver picks you up from your Paris hotel (a service we always appreciate) and takes you to the royal estate.

Priority admission at a VIP entrance means you skip the long lines and go directly into the palace. After your palace tour, there's time to explore the gardens before you meet up for lunch at La Petite Venise restaurant near the Grand Canal. After lunch there's another guided tour of Louis XIV's palace, the Grand Trianon, at the other end of the gardens.

Everything is included. All you have to do is open your hotel door!

#6. Evening Tour of the Louvre + Wine Tasting

Evening Tour Of The Louvre

It's no wonder visitors love this activity. It combines three of everyone's favorite activities — being in Paris, learning about great art, and tasting wine. The Louvre is another very busy place, but this skip-the-line tour gets you past the lineups with priority access in the evening, when the crowds are smaller. Your art-expert guide takes you to the best of the Louvre during a 2½ tour.

Afterwards, your small group is led to a nearby wine cellar for a guided wine tasting by an expert sommelier. It's a perfect full-evening activity.

#5. An Evening at the Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

In the middle of the activity popularity pack, at number five, is a cabaret at the Moulin Rouge. After 130 years, it's still the hottest show in town and a part of Paris history. This is an easy way to get to see the current cabaret, Féerie, with its 100-plus cast and thousands of costumes.

What we like about this activity are the options. You can experience the cabaret at two different times of the evening (with champagne, of course!), or you can choose to also have dinner at Moulin Rouge before the show. The Moulin Rouge is extremely popular and always sells out, so book early.

#4. Spend a Day in the Champagne Region

Champagne Region

In fourth place is this day trip that is the stuff of dreams — visiting the magic Land of Bubbly. You are picked up at your hotel and whisked off on a small-group tour to the Champagne country, only an hour or so from Paris. There you view the vineyards, visit the famous cathedral of Reims, and visit one of the major champagne houses, including a chance to see the famous limestone caves.

Lunch is included at a typical regional restaurant and, in the afternoon, you visit a small family producer of champagne. You're back at your hotel in time for dinner in Paris. It makes for a long and lovely day.

#3. Skip the Long Lines at the Louvre

Skip the Long Lines at the Louvre

Nearly 10 million people visit the Louvre every year, and that means there are always going to be long lines waiting to get in. As we said, the only way to guarantee getting past the worst of those lines is by booking a small-group, skip-the-line guided tour. And this third-most-popular activity in Paris does exactly that.

Your guide leads you inside for a 2½ hour tour of the best of the Louvre, the artwork that you really don't want to miss. The great thing is that afterwards you can spend as much additional time in the museum as you wish. It's the only way to visit this uber-popular museum. Mona doesn't stand in line!

#2. Skip the Lines at the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Speaking of popular — the Eiffel Tower is the world's busiest monument and another place where you really want to skip the lines. That's why the second-place activity is a skip-the-line Eiffel Tower tour. You'll be smiling to yourself when your guide walks you past the long lines to the priority-access area.

Some Eiffel Tower tours only get you to the second level, but this one gets you to the tippy-top — the summit. Eiffel Tower tickets are released only three months in advance, so you want to book your tour right at 90 days before you arrive. These tours are very popular (and rightly so), so be sure to book as soon as you can. Also check the Big List of Eiffel Tower Tours….

#1. Lunch Cruise on La Marina de Paris

Lunch Cruise

This surprised us — the number-one activity in 2018 is this lunch cruise on the Seine River. We should have known, though, because this a casual, fun, and affordable activity. You glide beneath some of the city's 37 bridges and view the iconic buildings while enjoying a 4-course lunch prepared by on-board chefs. And, really, the daytime views of Paris are indeed breathtaking.

We suggest you select the option that include wine with the meal. You're in France, remember?

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