Useful Phrases in French For Travelers – Ou Sont Les Toilettes?

We've always found that having a few useful French phrases in our mental storehouse helps us feel more at ease in many real-life situations in Paris. And we think Parisians appreciate our effort. (Even with our horrible accents!) For instance, once we learned that pas encore means "not yet", we were able to relax in bistros and restaurants and take our time, even when the server was eager to take our orders. (It takes a while to figure out those menus!)

Many visitors expect that everyone in France speaks English, but that isn't true. English certainly is more common in Paris shops and hotels than, say, ten years ago, but it's still a good idea to practice a little French before your trip. Although it may not be your goal to become a fluent French speaker, learning a few useful phrases in French will help you in all kinds of situations, including restaurants, hotels and emergencies.

Amusez-vous bien a Paris! — Have a good time in Paris!


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Useful Phrases in French at l'Hôtel

at l'Hôtel

J'ai une reservation — I have a reservation.

Je voudrais faire une reservation — I'd like to make a reservation.

J'ai retenu deux chambres — I have a reservation for two rooms.

Est-ce que le petit dejeuner est compris? — Is breakfast included?
Y a-t-il un ascenseur? — Is there an elevator?

Excusez-moi, monsieur — Excuse me, sir.
Il y a une probleme — There's a problem.
Pourriez-vous m'aider? — Can you help me?
Merci beaucoup! — Thanks very much!
Je m'appelle… — My name is…
Qu'est-ce qui c'est? — What's that?
Ou sont les toilettes? — Where is the bathroom?

Useful Phrases in French at La Pharmacie

at La Pharmacie

The local pharmarcies, identified by neon green crosses, are found on practically every street in Paris. Not only do pharmacies fill prescriptions, you can also get advice on medical issues. If there's not an English-speaking pharmacist, here are some useful French phrases to help you out.

Je voudrais des medicaments contres les allergies — I would like allergy medicine.
Je suis allergique aux pennicilin — I'm allergic to pennicilin.
J'ai des douleurs cardiaques — I'm having heart pains.
J'ai besoin d'un medecin — I need a doctor.

J'ai un mal de ventre — I have a stomachache.
J'ai un mal de tête — I have a headache.
J'ai diarrhée — I have diarrhea.


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Useful Phrases in French at Le Restaurant

Le Restaurant

Nous avons un reservation pour ce soir — We have a reservation for tonight.

Avez-vous un table pour ce soir? — Do you have a table for tonight?

Je voudrais la carte — I'd like a menu.
Est-ce qu'il y a une prix fixe menu? — Is there a set menu?
Une carafe d'eau, s'il vous plait — A carafe of (tap) water, please.

Pas encore — Not yet.
Qu'est-ce que c'est? — What is it?
Je voudrais un cafe, s'il vous plait — I'd like a coffee.
Ou sont les toilettes? — Where is the bathroom?
L'addition, s'il vous plait — The bill please.

Useful French Phrases Faire la Shopping

Faire la Shopping

Combien ca coute? — How much is this?
Avez-vous ma taille? — Do you have my size?
Puis-je essayer…? — Can I try… (this on)?
Je voudrais trois tranches — I'd like three slices.

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