Top Paris Wine Tasting – The Perfect Place to Drink French Wine!

Paris Wine Tastings. While you're in the City of Food immerse yourself in the culture. To be in Paris is to be in the center of the best French wine, because all roads from the wine country of France lead to the capital. One of the most perfect things to do in the city is a Paris wine tasting.

Free wine tasting in Paris? A wine tasting is included as part of the Paris Pass which also gets you into museums and onto the Metro for free! Learn more

Champagne is the aperitif of choice and the national drink for celebrating, so when you're in France, forgo the cocktail for a glass of bubbly before dinner. And there are plenty of great places to drink champagne in Paris! An easy way to learn more about these French specialties is to sign up for a wine tasting or – our personal favorite – a Champagne tour where, for an hour, an afternoon or a full day you sample the bounty of the country.

Wine Tasting Near the Louvre

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Fine French Wine Tasting

These fun and informal wine tastings cover a lot of wine territory in an hour or two.

The professional French sommeliers (who speak English) deliver an extensive tasting of award-winning wines – from Champagne to Sancerre, Bordeaux to Burgundy, Alsace to Rhone – in a wine bar steps away from the Louvre.

Choose between four wine tasting sessions, from a one-hour French Wine 101 class, to a more elaborate and longer session that will have you tasting Grands Crus along with delicious French cheese, baguette and charcuterie. You learn how to pair French wine with food, how to decipher a French wine label and how to distinguish the notable characteristics of fine French wine & champagne.

Spend a Day in Champagne

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Champagne Tours

Enjoy a glass of bubbly (or three or five) as you spend the day exploring the regions of Champagne, just an hour outside Paris.

With its world-class vineyards, rolling hills, fascinating history and prestigious champagne houses, a visit to this region makes for a fantastic day trip. This personal service is wonderful — you are picked up at your hotel and sped to the city of Reims in the heart of Champagne.

If you don't need a private day trip to Champagne (and want to save some money) – Small-Group Day Trip by Minivan

Ride through the stunning landscape of gentle hills and endless vineyards, visiting small family producers of champagne, taste the Grands Crus and visit their ancient limestone cellars, learn how the grapes are grown and the wine is blended. And sample, sample, sample.

We heartily recommend you spring for a private tour, where your driver/guide picks you up at your hotel.

Left Bank Paris Wine Tasting Promenade

Left Bank Paris Wine Tasting Promenade

Immerse yourself in the authentic wine-bar culture and discover French wines right where the Parisians do.

Your local, wine expert guide takes you on a fine French wine bar stroll on the Left Bank, through the historic 5th and 6th Arrondissements, stopping at the bars preferred by locals.

As you stroll with your guide you also have a chance to take in the famous buildings and learn something about the fascinating history of these legendary districts of Paris.

Montmartre Paris Wine Tasting Promenade

Left Bank Paris Wine Tasting Promenade

Explore another unique Paris neighborhood and taste the wines served at three local bars.

Your English-speaking wine expert starts by showing you the only remaining vineyard in Paris — it still produces (mediocre) wine every year.

Soak in the Montmartre atmosphere that inspired Picasso, Renoir and a host of famous artists, writers and performers.

Taste the Grand Crus of Burgundy

Grand Crus of Burgundy

The wines produced in the Burgundy region of France (Bourgogne) are among the most sought-after and expensive wines in the world.

Luckily for us mere mortals, our Paris Concierge has arranged a tasting of these famous pricey wines, at an affordable cost. The tasting session takes place most weekdays in a wine cellar with explanation provided by an English-speaking wine expert.

But wait! There's more. What about following that tasting with a dinner in historic Montmartre before ending the evening with a show at the legendary Lapin Agile cabaret? Our Paris Concierge has it all arranged for you.

Cheese Tasting Expert Initiation

Latin Quarter Wine & Cheese Tasting

Go deep into the Paris food scene and join a master fromagiere for an afternoon of tasting and sipping.

Learn the special aspects of the regions where the are produced and match each course with a matching wine. What's nice about this food event (organized by our Paris Concierge) is that you have the chance to learn about two important French food specialities, and discover how they go together.

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