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It's not surprising that cooking classes in Paris have become very popular. They're a perfect way to connect with the food culture of a city famous for good eating.

An afternoon spent at a cooking class in Paris will be a memorable experience that will enhance your visit to the City of Food — and will inspire you to make classic bistro dishes when you're back at home.

We've enrolled in lots of cooking classes in France and we always come away with a better feeling for the culture of the country, as well as a lot of great cooking ideas and techniques.

These classes have been selected by our Paris Concierge and include many options — from a cooking class with a street market tour to learning how to create croissants from scratch. And, if you're not sure which class is best for you, don't be afraid to use the Inquiry Form to ask our Paris Concierge a question.

Market Tour & Classic French Cooking

Market Peppers

Visiting an open-air food market in Paris is the height of a French food experience.

With an expert chef as your guide you meet local merchants and learn all about the varieties of French fruits and vegetables.

Then, with loaded baskets and bags in hand, it's out to the cooking studio in nearby Meudon (transportation included) where your chef shows you how to turn your purchases into a fabulous 3-course meal. Once you're done cooking, sit down with your classmates and enjoy your creations.

The Secrets of Croissants


Marine Antoinette may have brought them from Austria, but it was French bakers who perfected the croissant.

We think these are the epitome of breadmaking, though it's hard to think of croissants as just bread!

Our Paris Concierge has created this course for you to learn how to make croissants from scratch. You learn about the classic croissant as well as the famous pain au chocolat, croissant aux amandes, pain aux raisins & pain suisse.

By the way, here's a Paris Insiders special offer — sign up for both the croissant class and the brioche class and save 40% off the second class.

The Secrets of Brioche


The French sure know how to make bread, and brioche is one of the most unusual… and most delicious.

In this hands-on class you learn the secrete behind making all kinds of brioche — the classic roll, braided brioche, crème-filled and even chocolate-filled! Do you know what fraising means? You learn all about it in this class. (Hint: it's a kneading technique.)

A Different Dessert Every Day of the Week


France is famous for its desserts and we miss them whenever we're not there!

Our Paris Concierge has heard our plea and created classes to help us cook our own classic desserts at home.

It's a chance for you to learn about these famous sweets and the techniques for making them.

Paris Insiders Special Book two classes and save over 40% on the second one!

Can you imagine surprising your friends and family with magical, lighter-than-air macarons? Or a Napoleon crème pâtissière?

Each week the recipes change at the whim of the chef (and that's a good thing!). You can find some examples in the list below. Classes lasts 2 1/2hours.

Desserts Day-by-Day

  • On Mondays it's Cream Pastries, think Caramel Custard cooked in a bain-marie
  • Macarons are currently the rage in Paris. First created by Ladurée in 1930, they've since become a Paris institution, just like the Eiffel Tower!

  • Tuesdays we make Choux Pastry, like cream puffs and élcairs
  • Wednesday's the day for Puff Pastry: Napoleon Crème P√Ętissière
  • Thursday we make and eat luscious French Tarts, the pastry.
  • If it's Friday, it must be Macarons — pistachio, caramel, raspberry…

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