How We Select The Best Restaurants In Paris – The Criteria & The Finalists

"A great meal isn't the one you just had, it's the one you're still thinking about a decade later."
–Chef Frédéric Robert

Frédéric Robert is one of our Preferred Chefs here at Paris Insiders Guide, and he succinctly describes the criteria we apply when selecting the best restaurants in Paris. It's all about the special meals that have delivered exceptional culinary memories — memories that stay with us long after the meal over. It's about the restaurants that excel at all aspects of the dining experience — the service, the menu, the wine & a certain je ne sais quoi.

We've dined at many of the best restaurants in Paris and there's nothing we love more than telling others about our experience. Our finalists are the type of places you secretly share with a friend — and then talk about for years to come. We present to you the finalists…


Le Gabriel at Hotel La Réserve

Le Gabriel

The newest top-notch restaurant at the newest luxury hotel in Paris just won two stars in the new Michelin Guide. That certainly makes it one of the best restaurants in Paris. It features a chef who does wonders with Japanese-French fusion dishes.

You'd think that being located in the 8th Arrondissement, just off the busy Champs-Elysées, would be anything but calm. But, to the contrary, Le Gabriel is an oasis of serenity and sophistication. Try it for the perfect service and an ambience created by attention to detail.

David Toutain

David Toutain

Stepping into this modern, clean, minimalist restaurant is like stepping into a coffee house in Sweden. And the food is just as clean and modern…and pleasing! In the 7th Arrondissement we sat down and tried chaud/froid eggs with a flourish of cream and maple; white squid cut like long noodles full of the flavour of spring; and pigeon served two ways. Try David's modern restaurant when you're in the mood for something different and fresh.

La Régalade Conservatoire

La Regalade Conservatoire

It's nice to know that some of the classics never change, and La Régalade Conservatoire is a good example of that, delivering up the same hearty bistro fare as it did two decades ago.

Order up the Régalade classics and you're going to be very happy — creamy risotto infused with black cuttlefish ink, the beautiful caramelized pork belly, and, to end, the giant cauldron of perfectly cooked rice pudding with a luscious caramel sauce.

Culinary Memories in the Bois de Boulogne

La Grande Cascade exterior

In the southwest of Paris is a large park, bequeathed to the city by Emperor Napoleon III. There, in the Bois de Boulogne, you find wooded areas, a race track or two, a children's zoo, miles of trails and one of the very best restaurants in Paris — La Grande Cascade.

Michelin-starred Chef Frédéric Robert presides over a kitchen that consistently turns out incredible dishes. The pleasing food is complemented by the elegant, traditional decor and the service is top-notch.


Jacques Faussat: La Braisiere

Jacques Faussat

This hidden restaurant gem is found in a quiet corner in the 17th Arrondissement, north of Parc Monceau — a place few tourists will ever discover. Go for the restaurant's off-the-beaten-path location, go for the Basque-inspired cuisine, go for the attentive service and, most of all, go for the intensely delicious food created by Michelin-starred Chef Jacques Faussat.

Les Tablettes de Jean-Louis Nomicos

Les Tablettes de Jean-Louis Nomicos

It's not often that we have the culinary endurance for a multi-course tasting lunch menu, but for our readers we're willing to try anything!

So, on a summer day in August we spent the afternoon in Jean-Louis Nomicos' bright, sunny restaurant sampling our way around his interpretation of Mediterranean cuisine. And it was time well spent.

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