Eiffel Tower Restaurants – The Tower With A Michlein Star On Top

Paris likes to put its historic buildings and monuments to good use. More than simply being famous or old or both, many of the sights of the city have uses that make them more useful — and more fun. For instance, the historic Gothic churches of Paris also are venues for classical music concerts. Or, in the summer, you might take in an outdoor opera performed at Les Invalides, home of the Tomb of Napoleon.

The Eiffel Tower follows suit with not just one, but two restaurants located on this, the most famous monument in the world. It's lovely to imagine dining on a classic French meal while gazing at the lights of Paris spread out beneath you. Our top pick, though, is booking a table at Alain Ducasse's Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Jules Verne. Let's find out more.

The Michelin-Starred Le Jules Verne

Le Jules Verne

The Michelin Guide to restaurants in France is the one guidebook that French chefs pay attention to. We know, they told us so. Chef Frédéric Robert of La Grande Cascade, who also holds a Michelin star, told us that Michelin was the only guide that makes a difference. "The rest," he said, "don't matter."

Chef Alain Ducasse certainly pays attention to the Michelin Guide as well, since his various restaurants have been awarded eighteen stars. Now, Ducasse has brought his star-winning cuisine to the Eiffel Tower at restaurant Le Jules Verne.

Up on Level Two of the Eiffel Tower the view is superb. In the evening Ducasse offers up a six-course classic French menu, but with his stellar twists. There are luxury dishes like brioche with foie gras, grilled lobster, caviar, hot chocolate soufflé with chocolate ice cream. The wine list is superb. In short, it is an evening you will never forget. Of course you will have priority access passes to the tower so you won't have to stand in line.

Dining at 200 Feet at 58 Tour Eiffel

58 Tour Eiffel

Level One is where you find the other Eiffel Tower dining choice, 58 Tour Eiffel. The restaurant doesn't hold a Michelin star, but the food is really good and the view is magnificent. You skip past the line-ups at the Tower to head directly up the elevator, where a table has been reserved for you.

Chefs work in an open kitchen, giving you the chance to see the action as your meal is being prepared. The four-course seasonal menu they create for you will be part of a memorable, romantic evening (or lunch) for you and that Special Someone, especially with the Paris city lights all aglow. Be sure to book as early as possible, for this is also sure to sell out.

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