Here Are Seven Of The Best Ways To Experience Paris On Two Wheels

It's downright exhilarating to see Paris from a pair of spinning wheels. Next to walking, touring Paris on a bike has got to be the very best way to see everything. Just imagine taking in the lights of the City of Light on a night bike tour to the most famous monuments.

We were so happy to find these various and sundry activities that take you around Paris (or other fabulous locations) on a bicycle. One of readers' most popular tours is the bike tour to Versailles; we also like the bike tour of Monet's breathtakingly beautiful gardens in Giverny. Or how about cruising around the city on one of those crazy cool Segways? It seems like something you just have to try!

1. Night Bike Tour + River Cruise

A Paris Insiders Guide Favourite

Paris Night Bike Tour

Let's start with a spinning-wheels tour that combines two trips in one, seeing Paris from both bike and boat. This is one of the most popular activities among our readers. It's also likely to sell out, so you need to book early. This relaxing guided cycling tour takes you from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower to the Hotel de Ville, and everywhere in between.

You cruise along the streets on your bike and also cruise the river on a bateau (with a free glass of wine, of course) as the city lights up around you. And for even more fun, you stop at Berthillon, the most famous ice cream shop in Paris, located on Île St. Louis.

2. Versailles By Bike

Visitors' Favourite

Versailles By Bike

This one of the most popular tours of Paris Insiders Guide readers, with hundreds of 5-star reviews. You start in Paris, where, along with your guide, you catch the RER urban train to that takes you out to Versailles. Your bike is there, waiting for you a short walk away from the station. It's France, so what's the first thing you do? That's right, ride to the bustling city market to buy ingredients for lunch.

Follow your guide to the park and gardens the Chateau de Versailles where you ride along the tree-lined trails, cycle past fountains, cruise through the forest — all the while leaving behind those poor tourists on foot!

By now you're hungry, so stop next to the Grand Canal, where the French royal family (you know, all those Louises) used to enjoy picnics, and unpack your lunch. There's still plenty to come as you explore the magnificent castle and some of the smaller buildings on the estate. Tired but satisfied, you return to Paris on the RER. The 9-hour tour includes bikes, audio guides, train tickets and entrance to the palace.

3. Paris Classic Bike Tour

Paris Classic Bike Tour

What can you see in Paris in four hours and six miles? — Pretty much everything, if you're on the Paris Classic Bike Tour. Most of Paris is pretty flat, which makes a bike tour the perfect way to travel from landmark to landmark at a leisurely pace. And with knowledgeable and friendly guides you get to see the best that Paris has to offer.

You stop at all the sights on the bike route, allowing time for the guides to talk about the monuments, and time for you to take all the photos you want. Truly one of the classic Paris two wheel tours.

4. Secrets of Paris, Off-the-Beaten-Path Bike Tour

Secrets of Paris, Off-the-Beaten-Path Bike Tour

We like to go deep, to learn about the core of a place, to go places few tourists visit. That's why this slightly unusual bike activity appeals to us. For four hours you concentrate on the historic core of Paris — the Latin Quarter and the Marais — where you start to see the city the way a Parisian does, as you visit the fascinating parts of these quartiers.

5. Guided Tour of Paris on an Electric Bike

Guided Tour of Paris on an Electric Bike

The center of Paris is pretty flat and makes for easy pedaling. But if that still seems a bit much, then this is the bike activity for you. Save your energy for sightseeing and dining by signing up for this tour of Paris by electric bike. Follow your guide along bike lanes, les rues, and les avenues to see… pretty much everything.

You cruise to Place Vendôme to the Tuileries to Île Saint-Louis to the Eiffel Tower to Les Invalides — and see everything else in between. This is a wonderful way to experience a lot in a short time. When the going gets tough — get electric.

6. Segway City Tour

Paris City Segway Tour

Effortlessly cruise the streets, monuments and parks of Paris and feel like a rockstar as you glide past the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde. In fact, see pretty much everything on your what-to-do-in-Paris list, powered not by your feet, but by the crazy, popular Segways!

These extremely popular tours are 4 hours long and are limited to 8 participants. Tip: try to grab a space on an evening tour.

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