Eiffel Tower Pictures By Mark Craft

We spend a lot of time in Paris and, over the years, our photographer Mark Craft has created a wonderful portfolio of photos of the City of Light. Many of Mark's photos, including those of the Eiffel Tower, illustrate and enhance the articles here at Paris Insiders Guide.

These photos adorn the walls in our home and office. We've been enjoying them for years, and we thought it was time to share


Eiffel Tower Pictures
Eiffel Tower Pictures Eiffel Tower Pictures Eiffel Tower Pictures

Eiffel Tower Snapshots

The Eiffel Tower is the most visited monument in the world, not just in any given year, but throughout history, with over 250,000,000 friends since 1889. Even though it was ridiculed by critics of the time, and even though it was only meant to stand for 20 years, it's become the most enduring symbol of Paris.

Eiffel Tower Pictures


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