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Choose The Best Of Paris 2012. It's no surprise to readers of Paris Insiders Guide that our city has once again been named the top tourist destination for international travelers. This time the award was given by the World Travel and Tourism Council.

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But we like to dig deeper, to get into the heart of the city.

That's why we've created Parisopoly, the game that lets you choose the best of Paris 2012.

And no boring multiple choice for our readers. No, sir. In ten quirky questions we let your imagination run wild to tell us what you really think about the city we all love.

Once the votes are in and tabulated the results will be sent to the major media in the new year. Of course, we'll also publish the results right here at Paris Insiders Guide. Check back here, or on our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter.

To make it even more fun, five lucky participants will receive a free copy of our award-winning travel memoir, How to Cook Bouillabaisse in 37 Easy StepsCulinary Adventures in Paris and Provence. So, be sure to tell all your francophile friends.

Donc, allons-y ! Let the game begin! The best of Paris, our way.

Parisopoly – Choose the Best of Paris

Choose Romance, Spend Virtual Money & Have the best (imaginary) sleep
1. You've drawn a Chance card giving you one week in Paris at the hotel of your choice. Which hotel do you choose?
2. GO directly to the most romantic spot in Paris. The place you'd propose or be proposed to. The place to go with your loved one on a very special anniversary. Where do you go?
3. Drawing a Poitrine Communauté (Community Chest card) you find you've won a $5000 Paris shopping spree. What one store do you spend it in?
4. The Director of Paris Museums has invited you to a private nighttime tour of the museum of your choice. Which one do you choose?
5. Take a ride on the Metro. You have only one day in Paris and a Paris Visite Metro Pass. What are the three attractions that you simply have to see?
6. You've just been appointed the Food Reviewer for Paris Insiders Guide. What are the first three restaurants you eat in (for free!) and review?
7. In Parisopoly you don't GO to Jail. Instead you GO to the the Most Overrated Paris Attraction. What is it? The one you'd tell your friends not to bother with?
8. Advance to the most underrated Paris attraction. What do you choose? The one you'd only share with your best friend, so it doesn't get overcrowded with all those tourists?
9. Take a walk along the Seine. What Paris bridge would you walk across, if you had to choose only one?
10. You have a Get Out Of Customs Free card, allowing you to bring back as much of your single favorite French food as you want. What do you fill your suitcase with? (It's hard to choose just one, isn't it?)
La Fin. That's it! If you want to enter your name to win a copy of our book, be sure to include your email address below. (Double-check your typing!)

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The Best of Paris 2012.

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