Touring Paris – Walking the Neighborhoods & Quartiers

Touring Paris – Walking the Quartiers. Learn about the most famous districts that make the city tick. Paris is full of wonderful and distinct quartiers, or neighborhoods. A walking tour in one of these unique corners of the city gives you a deeper understanding of the magic of the city.

The names of these neighborhoods are the stuff of legend:

The Latin Quarter — Medieval Paris at its best, with narrow cobblestone streets, scholars, students and museums.

The Marais — Once home to French royalty, filled with many stately mansions from the 17th century, now the most trendy shopping area in Paris.

Montmartre — Formerly a rural village on a hill and home to the powerhouses of 20th century art including Picasso and Dali.

Here is our collection of reviews of our favorite walking tours of Paris quartiers.

Paris Insiders Tip

If you'd like an in-depth guided tour of other Paris neighborhoods such as the 7th, home of the Eiffel Tower, or hilly and working class Belleville, consider arranging a private tour.

Classic Marais Tour

Classic Marais Tour

A visit to the Marais gives a glimpse into a number of different worlds.

There's the Paris of the 17th century royalty, when Place des Vosges was created and the Marais was filled with the homes of the aristocracy.

There's the Paris of Jewish life, with delis, bagel shops and synagogues. And then there's the Paris of today, filled with interesting shops and a chic destination for Sunday brunch, as well as the center of gay Paris.

These 2-hour walking tours of the Marais show you all this and more, including the Centre Pompidou, Europe's largest museum of modern art.

The Latin Quarter

Walking Tours of Paris

Latin Quarter Tour

This Left Bank of Paris has been the intellectual capital of Paris, and of France, for eight centuries, since the Sorbonne was founded.

Perhaps because of that it's also been the seat of revolts and uprisings. The Left Bank is also known for its literary celebrities, like Satre, Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein.

On this tour you'll make your way from the Pantheon to the Luxembourg Gardens and learn about Left Bank icons like Hemingway, Picasso and the Beat Poets. And don't forget Jim Morrison's time in this Paris neighborhood. You'll learn it all on the 2-hour tour with an expert guide.

Montmartre & Sacre Coeur Walking Tour

Montmartre and Sacre Coeur Walking Tour

Walking Tours of Paris Quartiers. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries Montmartre changed from a village on a hill to Paris' most bohemian quartier.

Today it retains its fascination for visitors and Parisians alike.

On this tour you'll wander through Montmartre with a guide at your side to explain the historical significance of its windmills, cabarets and monuments. After taking in the vista at Sacre Coeur, you'll walk to the north slope, where Van Gogh lived and painted.

Towers of Notre Dame & Ile de la Cité

Notre Dame Cathedral, Its Tower & Ile de la Cite

Skip the line and climb to the top of the bell towers of Notre Dame on this half-day walking tour.

The tour starts with the fascinating 2000 years of history of Ile de la Cité and Insider stories about the past of Paris.

At Notre Dame Cathedral you'll visit the interior of the church and then climb the famous bell towers. You'll be rewarded with a breathtaking view, one that the gargoyles of Notre Dame have been looking over for 800 years. In our opinion, it's the best view of the city, one that gives you a real feeling for the history and geography of Paris.

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