Paris Airport Private Transfer + A City Tour + Breakfast

Our Paris Concierge has arranged a solution for those awkward trips when your flight arrives too early to check into your hotel. Use that time to learn more about the city we all love on a 4-hour tour from the back of a private executive sedan. And, while you're out and about, you'll stop for a fab breakfast with a panoramic view of Paris, 56 stories above street level.

Use this form to request this transfer-tour from our Paris Concierge, who will respond with prices and other details. Please remember that you can't expect to book private tours and activities at the last minute. Make sure to book at least two or three weeks in advance.


  • Transfers and tours are for up to 5 people
  • The time from your plane landing to exiting the baggage claim area averages 45 minutes in high season.
  • The travel time to Paris is 45 minutes to an hour depending on traffic.


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Why We Recommend The Private Transfer Option

Many travelers underestimate how demanding transatlantic travel is, and how tired they are going to be at the end. For most of us getting to Paris means up to 20 hours (or more!) of travel time. And, once you've arrived at the airport, you're not done yet.

Clearing customs and immigration, and retrieving your luggage will add at least another hour. If it's your first time the airport can be a little daunting when you're tired and jet-lagged. In that frazzled state you don't really want to have to find a lugggae cart or figure out the buses or the RER.

That might be fine it you're young or backpacking, but for travelers who value comfort, or who are traveling with small children or the elderly, it's a welcome relief to be met at your gate by your driver, who takes over from there.

In our many years of traveling to Paris, we've found that the hardest part is the travel itself. That is, the flight and everything involved in getting from the airport to your hotel or apartment. We've learned that arranging for comfortable Paris airport transfers with a private driver is money well spent. We just consider it part of the cost of travel, grouping it in with airfare in our mental travel budget.

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