Food in Paris
Is A Celebration

Foie Gras from Dordogne, Escargots from Burgundy, Oysters from Brittany &
Baguettes from the Corner Boulangerie!

Whether it's a simple sandwich jambon or a 3-course meal, the food in Paris will be a highlight of your trip. From an impromptu picnic with an 10€ bottle of Bordeaux and a wedge of creamy Camembert, to a multi-course meal at the George V, it will be your duty (and pleasure) to discover the bounty of gourmet food in Paris.

The first thing we do when we arrive in Paris and settle into our hotel or apartment is to run to the nearest boulangerie to buy a baguette and bite into it even before we leave the bakery. Parisian baguettes just taste better!

For a taste of the high life, try a feather-light brioche, a croissant with a thousand buttery layers, or a mouth-watering macaron from Ladurée.

In this section of Paris Insiders Guide you'll discover how to go deep into the culture of food in Paris, and experience a vacation trip like none other.

The Paris Gourmet Food Guide

NEW 2014 Edition

The Paris Gourmet Food eGuide

Everyone know that Paris is a gourmet capital.

But it can be difficult to find the best of Parisian cuisine, to experience food like an Insider.

So, we've have opened our little black book of Paris gourmet food addresses and put the best stuff into a downloadable e-book. Discover the belly of Paris — wine tastings, cooking classes, little-known specialty shops. We also include 148 recommended restaurants, most of them not well known to visitors.

Get behind the scenes of the Paris food world.

Guide to Paris Food Stores

Paris Food Stores

Caviar, foie gras, oysters, cheese, champagne and of course, truffles.

For many visitors (like us!) and would-be travelers, Paris food has an irresistible pull to the City of Light.

To get the biggest bite of French gourmet food plan your culinary itinerary in advance, starting with our Guide to Paris Food Stores.

Fauchon Paris

Fauchon Paris

One of the great Paris gourmet food halls is found on the fashionable Place de la Madeleine.

The palette of the store is bold magenta and black,and inside there are over 30,000 tasty gourmet foods – from chocolates and bon bons to dozens of different flavored éclairs. You want to buy everything you see there, it's that good.

Ladurée – Home of the Macaron


Although it seems like the've been around forever, it was at patisserie Ladurée that the modern macaron was invented in 1931.

Today that delicacy is still the rage of Paris, and Ladurée is the city's premier tea house, patisserie, chocolatier and maker of macarons.

Good Champagne Stops In Paris

Good Champagne Stops In Paris

One of our favorite hobbies in Paris is to discover new settings to enjoy a glass of good champagne.

And that's not hard to do since champagne is served everywhere – bars, bistros, parks, rooftops and even on top of the Eiffel Tower!

Food & Wine Walking Tours

Paris Gourmet Food Tours

Discover the gourmet food in Paris and its great wines on small-group walking tours that weave thier way along the boulevards and cobblestone streets of the city's oldest neighborhoods.

In Saint-Germain-des-Prés on the Left Bank taste your way through fine food stores and open-air food markets. Or go behind the scenes at a Paris boulangerie to learn about the life of a French baker. Or visit the best chocolatiers and patisseries in the city.

The Best Baguette in Paris

Paris Gourmet Food Tours

Bread is taken seriously in Paris.

Every year, the city holds a competition for the best baguette, the results are published, the list is debated in the media, and Parisians flock to the winning bakeries.

The grand prize winner of the Grand Prix de la Baguette de la Ville de Paris has the honor of supplying baguettes to the President of France at the Élysée Palace for the entire year.

Paris Food Facts

• French law dictates the three ingredients a baguette can contain: flour, yeast and salt. And it must weigh in at 250 grams. The law was established to keep the precise standards of this essential French food.

• 97% of Parisians eat a baguette every day.

• There are over 1000 varieties of French cheese, and what sets them apart is that many are made from unpasturized milk, resulting in greater fragrance and flavor.

• There are outdoor food markets found throughout the city, and they've been around since the Middle Ages!

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